Vegan Life Coach


In addition to psychotherapy with Tennessee-based clients, I also offer life coaching (via phone or Skype) to appropriate clients worldwide.

So what exactly is "life coaching"? You could ask 10 coaches and get 10 different answers, but here's my take: when you're seeking out a life coach, you're overall pretty stable (i.e. no major current mental health concerns), but in some ways, you feel stuck. Maybe you're having trouble setting or following through with your goals, or changing your habits to support your overall wellness. Or perhaps you're killing it in your career, but struggling in relationships with yourself and others.

And specifically with my vegan life coaching clients, I can support you with challenges, concerns, and goals related to your vegan lifestyle and values, and how to best take care of yourself amidst the emotional toll of activism work. 

If you have questions about whether coaching or therapy would be a better fit for you, just drop me a line. I offer two options for monthly coaching packages, depending on how much one-on-one time with me you prefer. Feel free to contact me to set up a free 15-minute coaching consultation so we can discuss your goals and determine if we'll be a good match.