There are endless awesome resources to explore in the world of animal activism and veganism. So consider this page just a starting place of some of my favorites so far! I have bolded some of the resources that were huge for either convincing me to make the transition or really helpful for solidifying my determination in the early phase. If you have any recommendations for me to check out and possibly add to this list, please get in touch! 


Cowspiracy - really hits on the environmental impact
Earthlings - the impact of animal exploitation in a variety of areas. This one is really tough to watch (maybe don't watch alone, and certainly not for kids) but VERY important. It's also the only one that's not free streaming somewhere, but very much worth the $3 streaming rental. 
Forks Over Knives - the health impact
Food, Inc. - a pretty good overview of all three of the above
Dairy is F*cking Scary - a 5-minute YouTube video by Erin Janus about the reality of the dairy industry


Our Hen House - Mariann Sullivan & Jasmin Singer. I am a proud flock member!
Rich Roll (one of my favorite episodes: Melanie Joy on carnism)
Food for Thought - Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Books + Cookbooks

Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer
Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism by Melanie Joy (full disclosure, this one is still on my nightstand to begin — but I already know I love her message based on her website and the interview I linked to above) 
Vegan's Daily Companion by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
30 Day Vegan Challenge by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (yeah she's basically the greatest)
Isa Does It cookbook by Isa Chandra Moskowitz (another goddess of vegan cooking, and I want more of her cookbooks!)
Oh She Glows cookbook by Angela Liddon
Thug Kitchen cookbooks

Additional Organizations + Websites

Beyond Carnism
Mercy for Animals
Cruelty-Free Kitty
Beauty Without Bunnies (part of PETA, search engine for cruelty-free cosmetics/personal care products) 
Humane Myth
Gentle Barn
Farm Sanctuary




Keep in mind that you don't need any of these below types of foods to eat a healthy vegan diet. Some folks prefer more of a "whole foods" based diet and may not be very interested in some of these alternatives for meat and dairy products. I happen to love them and want to buy them as I can afford to, because they're delicious and help me support the businesses making them (though I'll be honest, you do kiss many frogs in the process of finding the best cheeses and ice creams!) I find incorporating these products helpful, because I didn't give up meat, cheese, ice cream, etc. because I didn't like the taste — I very much enjoyed them, but decided that consuming the versions of these foods made with animal products did not align with my values.

This list is far from exhaustive, so if you want more recommendations or ideas for specific types of products or alternatives, drop me a line. And this doesn't even include amazing vegan restaurants in Nashville and other locations, so perhaps one day I'll add another category or page for that! 

Sweet Earth Foods - available at Target and other places. Love the Benevolent Bacon, the Big Sur breakfast burritos (especially in the 3-pack at Target), and several of the individual frozen meals, like the General Tso's Tofu. 
Amy's - most of their vegan frozen meal options are great; I especially love the Chinese Noodles & Veggies in Cashew Cream Sauce, and the Harvest Bowl. The cheeseless pizza (shareable) is excellent, too, especially dipped in Hampton Creek's Just Ranch! 
Miyoko's Kitchen - Artisan Cultured Vegan Cheese. Can buy in some stores, and online. I hear the mozzarella is divine and am eager to order some.
Follow Your Heart - especially the smoked gouda cheese slices and pepperjack cheese slices
Treeline - delicious cashew-based soft cheeses
Gardein - so many great frozen meat alternative products, and widely available. Love the chicken strips, fishless filets, meatballs, orange chicken, breakfast sausages, etc.
Field Roast - the hot dogs, sandwich slices, and sausages are great
Hampton Creek - widely available, and great options for ranch dressing, 'honey' mustard, mayo, and cookie dough. 
Kite Hill dairy-free yogurts & spreads (the chive 'cream cheese' spread is fabulous, and want to try the yogurts & other 'cheese' options) 
So Delicious ice creams (the Cashew Milk Salted Caramel is maybe my favorite, and some of the coconut milk ones are great too)
Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy pints (not as good as the So Delicious, but more widely available. PB & Cookies is my favorite.) 
Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cups
Vegan Essentials - Like the online Target of veganism... every food and non-food item you could want. So if you live in an area where some of the above products are not very available, you can get them here! 

Other Products

Pacifica skincare, cosmetics, and haircare
Urban Decay cosmetics
Kat Von D cosmetics
elf cosmetics (cheap & widely available!) 
…and I was recently sent this link of 60+ vegan fashion brands which is super helpful, too!